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The pressure component is definitely my favorite thus far. As stated in the program this is the glue that holds everything together both literally and figuratively. I believe pressure is neglected in conventional golf instruction because of the mistaken association with tension. It is apparent that pressure can be applied without tension.

David E. | Fishkill, NY | 10/15/15 |

I’m 13 days into the 60 day program and I won my Club Championship today. Tathata Golf is the best info on the golf swing I’ve ever seen. I’ve had access to some of the best instructors in the world, won state Mid-Am’s and played in many USGA events. Nothing has transformed how I view and understand the movement of the body with strength and leverage when swinging a golf club. I believe an athletic person non-golfer could become a high single digit handicapper soon after taking advantage of the methods taught by Bryan Hepler and the Tathata program. I’m glad Chamblee put his name on this program as it made me take notice. Just watch the YouTube videos to get a glimpse into this amazing program.

Tom P. | Naples, FL | 10/18/2015 |

Now just giving a huge shout out to @TathataGolf have really enjoyed learning and appreciating a new approach to golf!

Bill R. | Richmond, VA | 02/19/2016 |

I am a 57 year old woman and a novice golfer. Before Tathata, golf was for me an exercise in frustration, and my swings were very uncoordinated and more resembled thrashing than swinging. I have been working my way through the early program, focusing on driving. I am at day 14 and every day, my confidence and performance is skyrocketing. I have even had multiple compliments from experienced golfers on my form while driving. Bryan Hepler’s explanations for understanding body movement and strength that I am familiar with from other sports, and applying them to golf are perfect for learning the golf swing. I can’t wait to work my way through the program and develop the rest of my game.

Elinor E. | Richland, WA | 11/22/2015 |

Through 7 days and already shot my best score of the year, an 80.

Steve R. | Roswell, NM | 09/10/2015 |

WOW… This is really good stuff! I’m a PGA member for over 25 years and have never seen such a well put together, thorough and effective way to relay the feel of the bodies motion in the golf swing. And I only got through 14 days.

Ed L. | Riverside, CA | 11/19/2015 |

I have chosen to go through the 60 day program during the winter to prepare for the coming season. Had a great year last year but I think I can still make major breakthroughs in my game. I’m currently on day 16 I had an “aha moment”. Playing hockey on my friend’s yard rink, I started taking slapshots and realized how the movement, which I have done the same way my whole life, was exactly aligned with the teachings in Tathata. Hands and arms pushed down and away in the backswing, ribs fully loaded, into the glutes, surfing the knees, creating thrust down into and through impact, etc. There is no other way to do it and you can’t possibly shoot the puck hard with any excess or indirect movements.

Jonathan K.| Burlington, CT | 01/18/2016 |

Just like to thank you all at Tathata! My Golf game has just got better and better following the program and I’m only on day thirteen. Can you please pass on my thanks.

Stuart A. | Redwood City, CA | 10/18/2015 |

I am on Day 14, this is the best way to train that has ever been taught in Golf. I am a 78 year golf student who has read and tried everything. I love the quality of your product and presentation. All my best to you.

Paul F. | Coral Gables, FL | 11/04/2015 |

I’ve just viewed the first video and I loved every minute of it. As a teaching professional here in Germany I know how important the body movements are during the swing and the information in the first video is alone worth the 179 dollars! Thanks once again and I’m looking forward to tomorrow.

Stewart M. | Wiesbaden, Germany | 09/29/2015 |

It has been a wonderful experience training the mind, body & swing. I look forward to attending the Grad School to build & train to another new level.

Caroline J. | Bismarck, ND | 10/01/2015 |

The content is amazing. The way you are presenting it is also really solid.

Teri H. | Green Cove Springs, FL | 06/17/2015 |

Simply understanding the importance of the glutes and rib cage. Very enlightening. Just understanding it now and how to properly engage them has changed and improved things for me so much.

Herb J. | McKinney, TX | 10/01/2015 |

So far, what I’ve felt is that all of the time and work going into my golf training is also flowing into my overall health and well being.

Jim L. | Chicago, IL | 10/15/2015 |

The Tathata 60 Day program is a true gift to all people. Golfers will enjoy the new confidence from the program as it assures you at every step just how powerful and sure your swing can be. Best thing is you can do everything inside the privacy of your home without even hitting a ball. The mental parts of the program encourages anyone to believe in themselves with so many positive statements being spoken and listened too.

Jodi C. | Phoenix, AZ | 09/14/2015 |

@TathataGolf training starting to show. Ties my best round. *Picture of his scorecard shooting 67*

Zach S. | Fenton, MI | 07/15/2015 |

Through day 27. I have played golf and taken lessons in Germany, England, and all over the USA. No one ever explained leg movement and balance as well as Tathata golf. I have already added 4 mph to my driver club head speed. After 4 heart procedures, I also find the stretching exercise doable and fun. Am going to finish the 60 day program and go to Scotsdale for more training.

Martin S. | Fayetteville, AR | 02/03/2016 |

This program has helped me a lot. The mental training has help keep me focused and not allow me to stop time. During winter for me I have ran through multiple chapters and refresh while the snow melts. Ready for 2016 season to go. #Tathata60days

Phil A. | Caldwell, ID | 02/23/2016 |

This is the most thorough golf instruction program I have found. It’s what I have been looking for for a long time. The secrets of the greatest golf swings are revealed. I absolutely recommend purchasing the 60-day program.

Bobbi S. | Clackamas, OR | 08/31/2015 |

I am 59 years old and been playing golf my whole life, I am on day 34 and played against my group of guys the other day and for the first time won our overall medal game with a 69, I can’t tell you the last time I broke seventy out there. A lot more work to do to get it to be a natural movement for me, but I am excited to get to work on it. I travel a lot and have been looking for a way to work on my game in a hotel room, without breaking the lamps.

Jeff A. | Nashville, TN | 11/24/2015 |

I finally understand how to use the ground for leverage. When I played Tennis is was automatic to use the ground. I’m on day 15 and look forward to each day. I started playing golf 9 years ago when I retired. My index hovers around 11. So I am very serious about the game. I am fortunate to have access to good golf instruction. This program explains the physical and mental game I will defiantly go to Arizona after completing the course. Thank you so much!!!

Linda S. | Alameda, CA | 11/30/2015 |

The program is fantastic. I just finished Day 50 this morning – I started the program 30 days ago (Sept 15). I have a lot of obligations over the next week and then head out on a week golf trip … so I will finish the final 10 days when I get back. And will come see all of you in February. I can’t say enough good things about the program. It’s not so much about the scores (although that’s part of it – shot 75 Sunday – but it felt lower and I’m sure lower scores are out in front and coming quickly)… The program and the format/way it is presented definitely fuels a great sense of confidence. I could go on and on. It is actually just what I was looking for. I can’t wait to come to Arizona and get more…Thanks again to all of you.

Jason R. | Leesburg, VA | 10/14/2015 |