A Complete Path of Learning:
The Tathata Curriculum


Just as each day of the 60-Day Training Program builds on itself, Tathata Golf training includes multiple programs that build on each other providing continued learning and training. Each step is designed to move you down the path of mastery.

The Tathata Curriculum begins with the 60-Day Training Program as your foundation. Upon purchase, students unlock access to several different additional training opportunities; Live at Tathata Headquarters, Online with Tathata Golf, or locally through Certified Movement Specialists. Graduation from the 60-Day Training Program unlocks access to even more benefits, and the next steps in learning and training.

60-Day Training Program graduates qualify for Tathata Golf  Level 1 and Level 2 Graduate Schools, at our one-of-a-kind training facilities in Scottsdale, AZ. Here, students build on their 60-Day Training Program foundation with Tathata Master Trainers in an experience unlike anything in the game of golf.

Additional Benefits

60-Day Training Program Breakdown

Chapter 1 | Days 01-10 | Body, Stretching, & Mind 1

Chapter 2 | Days 11-20 | Hands, Arms, & Mind 2

Chapter 3 | Days 21-30 | Pressure, Impact, & Mind 3

Chapter 4 | Days 31-40 | Speed, Strength, & Mind 4

Chapter 5 | Days 41-50 | Short Game, Putting, & Mind 5

Chapter 6 | Days 51-60 | Shape, Trajectory, & Mind 6

Mental Training

Not designed to help you just get a little better, Tathata mental training practices and principles open you up to a profound greatness; a power to move mountains, in a sense, and go far beyond any limitations you may have once had.

A true sense of strength comes from knowing what you are doing. When Tathata movement training is combined with mental training in a strategically developed path of learning, the "whole" dynamically exceeds the sum of the parts.

Martial Arts Training

Built to resemble how you would learn a martial art, the strategically developed, complete path of learning and training builds on itself and introduces you to a way to rapidly improve and enjoy lasting growth in the game of golf.

Move beyond all doubt as you validate your own truths once and for all. Through this, comes a reverence to the path you are on and where you are going. This alone helps to dramatically increase your capacity and pace of learning.

Movement Training

Tathata's revolutionary movements and routines are based on the movements of the world's greatest golfers and athletes of all-time along with timeless truths from the martial art world.

All movements and fundamentals build on and completely support each other from the setup to the finish of the swing. Very detailed and intricate fundamentals and mechanics are taught in a completely new way, making learning for the student easy and faster than ever before.

Revolutionary Training

Strategically builds on itself each day over 60 days including:

  • Complete full swing, short game and putting training
  • Over 140 training movements
  • 14 different movement routines
  • 3 Greatest Golfers & Athletes Movements Videos
  • Over 195 Questions & Video Answers
  • Over 45 mental training & swing deeper discussions
  • 25 Mental training exercises
Chapter Support

Convenient, Greatest Players Support. Watch them anywhere, anytime.

  • Greatest Player Support Slideshows
  • Movement Support Training Videos
  • Enhance the performance and accuracy of your movements
  • Movement Assessment Videos
  • Downloadable assessment forms and grading details
  • Anatomical Review Videos: A kinesiologist perspective of how the body moves
Upon Graduation

Unlock additional material and resources after you finish the 60-Day Program.

  • 60-Day Certificate & Badges
  • Access to 60-Day Program conveniently broken apart
  • Access to Tathata Graduate Schools at our world class facility
  • Movement Specialists personalized training
  • Special "Graduate-Only" areas in the Tathata Forum
Access the 60-Day Program online

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The 60-Day Training Program

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Available Upon Completion Of The 60-Day Program

60-Day Certificate & Badges

60-Day Program graduates receive a custom certificate of completion and all chapter badges upon graduation from the Tathata 60-Day Training Program.

60-Day Program Video Library

Enjoy all of the content from the revolutionary 60-Day Program completely broken apart for you convenience. This feature offers users a convenient and easy way to access any of the program's material for continued learning and training long after completion of the program.

Book Your Grad School Experience

Our one-of-a-kind continued education training experiences are available upon 60-Day Training Program graduation. 60-Day Program graduates receive complete movement follow up with Tathata master trainers, truly experience the essence of Tathata mental training and leave with a sense of being able to train and correct themselves.