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The Tathata Golf affiliate program is one of our ways of intimately reaching a large number of current and future golfers while also helping to support and benefit companies, organizations, and individuals throughout the industry.


Tathata Golf Membership

Revolutionizing the way golf is learned & played. Hailed as the most empowering golf training platform ever created.

As a Tathata Golf affiliate, you can benefit directly from promoting and selling our Tathata Golf Training Membership, which includes our flagship course, the 60-Day Training Program. Offering many plug-n-play marketing options to introduce your users to Tathata Golf, our affiliate tracking software takes over from there as your users move into Tathata Golf’s proven sales and conversion funnels and are automatically tracked and connected to you. Take advantage of our television marketing campaigns and other global marketing efforts that come alongside to support you and drive brand and product awareness to your users.

With little to no effort, your organization can immediately be up and running as a Tathata Golf affiliate and begin enjoying the financial and indirect benefits of your users purchasing our training, improving their game and playing more golf. It is our highest intention that through this training platform, golfers across the world can begin to experience their own authentic greatness on and off the course while answering all of the questions about how to move their club and bodies once and for all.

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