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I just completed my third National Championship victory for the Golf Channel Am Tour Championship flight. The special part of that is I shot under par for all 4 days and set a new tournament record of -14. I mentioned Tathata Golf during the post round interview. Hopefully, it will make it through editing. Thanks all!

Paul E. | Erie, CO | 09/17/17 |

Since beginning the program, other than a couple of partial rounds played on the course, all of my training sessions and practice sessions have occurred at the driving range or a practice pad setup at home. The quality of my experience on the driving range has changed dramatically since beginning the program. The percentage of my shots that are “missed”, “topped”, “sliced”, etc. have probably dropped by 95+%.

I’m sixty-nine years old and, before doing the program, had not played golf for 30+ years. With the encouragement of a friend who is recently retired, I decided to stop working 6+ days a week, take two days off a week and re-discover golf. When I played before, I did so without ever taking lessons. I had enough “good” shots to keep me playing but was never comfortable on the course, had no confidence in my swing and didn’t understand why some shots were good and most were bad.

What I like about the program is the “system” it provides to breaking down the body, hand and arm movements associated with the golf swing into contained modules which build on each other. Other methods of teaching golf seem to be based solely on a series of “tips” that address problems. My favored method for learning is “experienced-based” with an emphasis on right-brain intuitive understanding as opposed to memorization and recall. I love the metaphors taken from disciplines and activities outside of golf and how they are used to develop an understanding of golf movements.

I’m fully satisfied with the program so far and have recommended it to numerous friends. The $179 cost of the program is a bargain. Thank you for being so generous!

Gil M.| Oklahoma City, OK | 08/24/17 |

Just finished the third lesson and went out to shoot my age -71- for the first time. So much more to go, but it is great. Love the mental aspects in that I am a retired Ph.D. in psychology. Excellent concepts and well presented. Next step will be breaking 70 for the first time in 35 years.

Robert F. | Grand Blanc, MI | 08/23/17 |

I’m on day 50 of Tathata training and all I can say is I wish I had this went I took up the game as a 20 yr old in the early 80’s. By the early 90’s I was an 8 handicap, but it was truly a false number. I was never a good ball striker despite taking over 100 lessons. It was my short game that saved me. I’m now back to the game after making the choice to put golf aside for many years to be with my kids and their sports and activities. I’m basically starting over. While I have a ways to go, I’m incredibly positive about what is ahead. I’m striking the ball like never before. The pressure principal is the key to it all. And NO ONE is teaching the mental side of the game like Bryan. Lastly, teaching from a marshal arts perspective is incredibly powerful. Anyone that has been around a serious sensei knows what I mean. To be trained is to be ready. I do plan to visit the training center in the future.

Ed M. | River Vale, NJ | 08/20/17 |

I am so much more relaxed over the ball and have more confidence. Feels like I have an unfair advantage with all the things I have learned so far.

Joni C. | Tonganoxie, KS | 08/15/17 |

I’m a 12 handicap and finished the 60 day course about 10 days ago. During my last 4 rounds I have broken 80 twice and tied my all time record Of 77 today. I have tried many approaches over the past 20 years. I am a true believer in Tathata and love the fact that I can practice less and play better. I only putted before today’s round and still shot my record. I can’t wait to “back it up.”

Michael W. | Birmingham, AL | 07/17/17 |

Building from ground up with structured training and discipline has proven to me and those around me that this is the way to improve a golf game.
The mental training and fundamental approach overcome the sense of loss you feel when a regular PGA lesson doesn’t translate to the course.

Thank you! I would love to come to your school and show you the before and afters!

Jennifer K. | Libertyville, IL | 07/11/17 |

Thank you Tathata Golf. I’m only thru day 15 and today I went to the driving range. My middle irons and wedges have never been the the weak part of my game, today I hit them better than I ever have. Shots were straight and on target, without having the many swing thoughts I usually go thru when working on my game. I have become a believer in this process, and feel for the first time I’m building a simple, repeatable swing. I sure hope in days ahead we will be working on hitting a driver, fix this problem and I’ll be dancing down the fairways.

Randy N. | Tacoma, WA | 07/05/17 |

I have more confidence in my swing, knowing that my swing starts from the bottom and that I am training to be the best I can be. My negative thoughts are going away. I love the detail that Bryan goes into. I feel like the repetition with each lesson is building a solid foundation for my swing. I really like the stretching. I do modified on some and try to increase my stretches daily. The mental exercises are fantastic and I use those thoughts on the golf course – something great is about to happen!

Sara K. | Naples, FL | 06/26|17 |

I am impressed by the thoroughness of the program, the well-designed teaching strategy as well as the enthusiasm of the teacher & co-workers. This is multiple times better than I have ever experienced from lessons by various pro’s.

Peter K. | Oss, Netherlands | 06/25/17 |

Today was a great day, I approached every shot knowing that I have been trained to do so. Not once did time stop and never did I expect anything else but greatness.
Day 28 was a fundamental change for me, suddenly all the individual movements clicked together and my swing went from being static and in out to a solid, stable superman swing with presure.
Today I won my first tournament and am looking forward to the remaining 32 days knowing that my game can only get better.
Stick with the Mental Training Exercises, I have never felt so great.
Thank you all at Tathata Golf.

Mark K. | Cambridgeshire, UK | 06/23/17 |

The best advice I received was to consider and go through the Tathata program. I was skeptical at first but after the mid way point (30 days) I realized that my game was becoming more consistent. My GHIN index has gone from a 9.5 to a present trending of 6.5 with the only difference being Tathata trained.
It is a well done teaching program by Bryan Hepler and would recommend it to anyone who would like to enhance their enjoyment and performance of the game.

Lew B. | Estero, FL | 06/10/17 |

Very simple and effective way to build a swing. Bryan Hepler’s energy and joy of teaching is a joy to take part in.

As a true beginner, program has been wonderful. I bought clubs last July & had only played 4 rounds since. Around day 25 we got a warm weekend , got to the driving range & was overjoyed how I hit my irons, absolutely amazing. People actually look at me like I’m a golfer, lol. The difference in my game has been nothing short of amazing, thank you Tathata Golf. Program is beautiful. I cannot thank you enough for what you’ve built here.

Bob R. | Cherry Hill, NJ | 06/06/17 |

Best explanation ever on how to use your legs and feet. Snapping to level really stopped me from dropping right side and the baseball throw really stopped me from using my arms to much into and through impact. I am really looking forward to chapters four, five and six the real meat of the game ball control, pitching, chipping and putting.

I suffered a severe sprain to my left ankle about 5 weeks ago and last Thursday I was able to start practicing last Wednesday. I have longer warm up which has paid off. I play to a ten handicap and before I injured my ankle I practiced every day was able to play four rounds, I broke eighty every round. I hit more greens fairways then usual.

Ed Leidgen | St. Francis, WI | 06/06/17 |

I was a little skeptical when I started Tathata training but it instantly made sense as I started through the first lesson. After day one and two I played golf for the first time and had one of my worst rounds in the last 5 years. I stuck with the training and played again the following weekend and saw significant improvements. I have completed 26 lesson days now over about 6 weeks because I travel and still try to play on a regular basis. My handicap over the last six weeks has fallen 3 strokes and I played my best round ever last weekend. I am playing the best golf of my life and I wouldn’t be here without the changes I have experienced through this program.

The mental training exercises were crucial in not stopping time as I teed off last weekend on the 16th hole. I needed to go par/par/par to hit my number and in the past I would have melted down thinking ahead. Instead I was able to stay in the moment and hit one shot at a time without worrying about what was to come. In the end I went par/bogey/birdie to achieve my new low. I look forward to seeing where the program goes from here!

Kris P. | Minneapolis, MN | 05/31/17 |

I think the program was fantastic, could not have been better! Amazing when re visiting these days how things just made more sense with a clearer understanding. Now being trained, I don’t go seeking answers when the swing may not go as I want, I just now know.

Paul McInnes | Australia | 05/31/17 |

I now get to the course and view playing it as my window of opportunity. I get to the practice range and relax before I hit shots to various targets, not flagsticks, but to other places on the range to prove that I can. I am trying to figure out how far I can hit my clubs now. I practice putting and chipping with a renewed confidence that I am going to make the shot, without a doubt. I have never experienced this before Tathata.

I have taken two other programs in the last three years without any progress, even took lessons two year ago. With Tathata, I have been consistently shooting in the 90s now and have won my first tournament in my handicap bracket. During this round I was so fixated on shooting the ball where I wanted it to go without any doubt and shot a 5 over on the back 9. I still cannot believe I did that. The program is proving to show me the correct techniques to swing a golf club with confidence, the ball just flies off the club now.

I don’t know how you could improve the program so far. After day 17-20 I have noticed muscles in my thighs, arms, pectorals and arms I did not know were needed in my swing.

Alfred O. | Malden, MA | 05/28/17 |

I finally gave Tathata Golf an honest chance. I was unsure at first how I could develop my golf swing just through video instruction. I did Lesson Days 1 and 2 and wondered why I waited so long to start! Not only is Bryan extremely motivating and inspiring, the movements are extremely helpful and practical. As a recent college graduate with a kinesiology degree, the first several movements made perfect sense from a biomechanical perspective. After finishing the first two lessons I went to the driving range to hit some balls. I paid extra attention to what I learned from Tathata, focusing specifically on set up, stance, posture, and a few other fundamentals of the swing. I ended up spending 2 hours on the range. I was hitting the ball straight, far, and most importantly, consistent. I was stunned that seemingly “basic” changes made such huge changes. I can’t wait to continue progressing through the program!

Adam O. | Phoenix, AZ | 05/18/17 |

Tathata is the reason I can golf again. Was I a car accident a few years ago which robbed me of my swing and game. Got into Tathata and now have a swing that doesn’t hurt. It’s amazing.

Tom | North Royalton, OH | 05/17/17 |

I find that I don’t need to keep hitting balls to find a swing “cure.” The training has convinced me that just beating balls is not the solution: an understanding of what is really going on with a golf swing with confidence of that reality is the better way, for me, to practice. It takes less time to clue in on an issue.

My eyes were opened with the understanding of how “pressure” holds it all together, from the short game to the full swing. Previously I was a devoted arm swinger. You know the Swing the Clubhhead group. When my timing was good I could play, but when it was off,even just a little, it was a struggle. I knew there had to be a better way. It is hard to break old habits, but I am noticing better ball striking with compression and great improvement in my chipping and putting.

I feel that I got great value for my investment in this program. I have a library of books, cd’s, tapes, etc. from a lot of well known instructors and hall of fame players. This program, for me, is by far the best I have ever experienced.

Jack H. | Glendale, AZ | 05/16/17 |

My compression, ball striking and distance have all improved. My driver distance has gone from 210 to 235yards on a calm day with normal bounce and roll. Not bad for nearly 59 years old.

My short game and particularly putting has also improved. My distance control is far better on long putts. I no longer have to try and “find my game” on the practice area before I go out for a round. I simply warm up. The first club major of the year was last week and I came 2nd on a card play off. HC dropped from 12.4 to 11.5. My next comp is tomorrow and I can’t wait.

Thank you Bryan and Tathata staff.

Steve B. | Manchester, UK | 05/12/17 |

I am 85 years old, a retired PGA professional who has spent most of my life in golf and teaching. But, i have always thought “there has to be a better way”. I would recommend Tathata Golf to anyone who has ever had a question or questions about how to play better golf. That includes beginners to professionals and all in between. The 60 day program is presented in a way that is easily understood and could be of help to everyone in some way.

Bob L. | Temple, TX | 05/09/17 |

I love the definitive manner in which you back up all of your ideas about the right way to do things. As someone that has spent his entire golfing life being a little too analytical for my own good, the idea of knowing once and for all what is right and to remain committed to such is very exciting to me. I look forward to incorporating and continuing to revisit aspects of the training on a regular basis well after my initial 60 days in my quest to be the reach my full potential as a golfer.

David M. | McCormick, SC | 05/02/17 |

I have a long history or swaying and sliding and standing up on my backswing that has caused many errant shots over the years. I have gained an amazing understanding of how to correct this in a detailed way that I know I can achieve. I am a very analytical person (and also a black belt) so this has been an extraordinary experience. I have had years of golf lessons but nothing has compared to Tathata.

Ken B. | Valparaiso, IN | 05/01/17 |

Dear Golf Enthusiasts,

Greetings from Germany. Im a Golf rookie/beginner and have only played three rounds with 18 holes so far. Even though not totally untalented I did not like the “normal” approach to the game. I had very much fun when I hit the balls somehow correctly and enjoyed the game however the Golf swing motions that have been explained to me seemed to be strange and the movement did not feel right. It felt like trying to put a screw into the wood with a hammer, just not natural.

Being an engineer I took the chance with Tathata. So far I like it very much because the moves make total sense from a “mechanical” point of view and I very much enjoy the athletic approach.

I am now at day four and still at the very beginning and of course the swing has not been touched in these lessons. However I was at the driving range today and it already made a difference. Of course lots of thin, fat shots, slices etc.. But there were some strikes and hits that were beautiful (at least from my point of view), and even more important these swings felt easy and natural and made sense in the context of the course. I am convinced and confident to be on a good track and can’t wait to continue…

Christian N. | Germany | 04/30/17 |

I am a resident of Puerto Rico where golf is starting to have very strong acceptance. In January my doctors suggest me that I can play golf to entertain myself because of an early medical withdrawal, so I contracted the services of an instructor, my first golf experience was too mechanical, without foundation and without purpose.
So let time pass and Tathata Golf appeared, I’m in the final part of chapter 1, the experiences have been excellent so far. The way in which each day the mind and body are incorporated into the game of golf has allowed me to develop solid fundamentals by experiencing conscious purpose of enjoyment in the game of golf and not a painful mechanical training.
I am very grateful and I hope that this experience will be strengthened in each future section. Thank you

Ernesto S. | Puerto Rico | 04/30/17 |

What can I say, it’s the best course I’ve ever had in my life. Bryan has such a passion such a good instructor, I’m a flyfisherman a furniture maker I was into martial arts and a photographer. It was very easy to relate to Bryan instruction because of my own passions in life. On day 55, and I cannot wait to play golf, I definitely feel the greatness coming on. thanks soooooo much for the passion.

Ronald B. | Norway, ME | 04/15/17 |

My typical golf day has not changed however I’ve noticed immediate improvement to ball-flight, trajectory and shot-shape, following the body movements training. The program has made it easy for me to disregard “tips” and swing theory that perhaps entered my mind in the past. Actually, I cringe at some of the instruction offered on TV now. I love how the program is so thorough, began with body movements, set up and laid a foundation for the swing. The program is absolutely terrific so far and I look forward to getting deeper into it over the summer. Thank you for your effort putting this all together. I’m only through lesson 20 but there is nothing I would change. I especially enjoyed Day 8 and 18 where you looked at the movements of some of the greatest athletes. It is amazing how much we have missed in traditional golf instruction and some “modern” swing theories now appear so far off what is true.

Derek S. | Thailand | 04/15/17 |

What I like is that it breaks the mould of traditional teaching where we are told about specific positions we must get our body and club into. This would result in me having to manipulate either the club or my body into a false position. This course explains every movement required and makes it physically and mentally possible to have a great golf game. The improvement in my golf game, confidence on the course and understanding of the golf swing and associated movements and pressure required has brought me to a place I have never been before. Apart from a few mental errors on the course, I would have beaten my best score by now, but I know it is coming. Maybe today.

Steven S. | Aberdeen, UK | 04/19/17 |

Just want to say I’ve only played golf for 55 years. Pro teacher and mini-tour player. Martial arts and Zen instructor. And this is the best communication of positions and methods in golf I’ve seen so far. Well done!

Jay I. | Lancaster, PA | 04/19/17 |

I like everything about the program, how each day builds on each other, the detailed information, the enthusiasm with which all the information is presented, just brilliant.

Donny P. | Queensland, Australia | 04/10/17 |

Sound reasoning to demystify golf swing with courage to challenge status quo.

Sam L. | McDonough, GA | 03/30/17 |

As an ex martial artist it makes sense to me, I wish I had thought of it myself. I had tried before to apply my ability to punch to my golf, but unsuccessfully, brilliant and well thought out piece of work by Bryan

Aidan P. | Cabinteely, Ireland | 03/29/17 |

I like the program a lot compared to one lesson with a pro for $100 an hour up here. At the range my shots are longer, straighter and crisper than ever before.

David L. | Hales Corners, WI | 04/03/17 |

Thank you. I have enjoyed the first 6 days and look forward each day to the next. I have only played golf once in the last 6 days. My playing partner was amazed at how well I was hitting my driver and 3 wood. I am amazed at how understanding how the body moves is already starting to increase power. I am a 5.9 handicap currently and fluctuate between 3 and 7. I am confident this training will help me find my own greatness in the game. Thanks again!

Fred J. | Yuba City, CA | 03/31/17 |

So far I am very impressed with what I am learning. So different from what I had believed about how to use a golf club. I believe from what little I have seen and studied that Mr. Helper does in fact know what he is talking about. I am excited to continue with the training.

Jack H. | Glendale, AZ| 03/30/17 |

Bryan, Chapeau to your training approach !!! I’m finally learning to move my body through impact!

I’ve been studying golf for decades and although I have almost every book/CD there is out there, I have never seen such an excellent explanation on how the body moves. What’s best, it is easy to apply and works!

If, before my Tathata training, I have been able to play in the low 80’s even the high 70’s occasionally, not knowing how to move my body properly, wait to see what I am going to be able to do in the near future, I’m excited. I’ll let you know of course.

Thanks for being disruptive on teaching and having the mental strength and focus to deliver such a great work as it is Tathata Golf training system

Javier L. | Madrid, Spain | 03/23/17 |

On day 16 of the program. I just finished 5 days of golf with buddies in Palm Springs and I noticed consistent improvement in Ball contact, distance and most importantly in mental attitude. I was a doubter of the value of mental training but no longer! I look forward to the rest of the program.

Murray K. | Winnipeg, Canada | 03/22/17 |

Fabulous. I am 77 and playing my best golf in 15 years. I’m excited to get to the course and take money from my mates. But, seriously, I am having a lot more fun and look forward to continuing the program each lesson. 

Joe F. | Laredo, TX | 03/22/17 |

The range of support mechanisms are excellent and personally I feel the idea of building the swing in this manner will reap benefits. The course is far superior to any DVD’s, books or mags that i have referenced before. The overall quality of the videos, the detailed instruction and energy Bryan and the team bring to the programme is first rate.

Aidan D. | Antrim, UK | 03/21/17 |

I created my Tathata account 27 days ago and since then I went through the first chapter(10 days lessons). Today I played my third amateur competition, and 3 out of 3 wins! I moved from handicap 22.3 one month ago to 17 today
Anyway, I don’t care about wins. The more important thing for me is I’m plenty of confidence over the ball, and doing my swing. I’m showing my own greatness to the world.
Thanks a lot to Bryan Hepler and Tathata Golf Team to share with us all this incredible principles and knowledge what is doing golf so simple for me. I was really frustrated playing golf a month ago, and now I’m happy on the golf course.
The streching routine is part of my daily life routine, and I try to do the body routine A as much as possible.
And I’m just in lesson day 11!!!!! I’m so exciting about the next weeks and the next Tathata lessons coming…

Javier F. | Murcia, Spain | 03/18/17 |

After playing for 45 years I finally understand the golf swing!

Tom H. | Eagan, MN | 07/12/16 |

Started the program in mid January. At 65 I’ve been losing distance the past couple of years. My handicap has been a 5 -6 for the past few years with the strength of my game changing from the long game to chipping & putting. I haven’t shot par on my home course for 2 years, partially because I can no longer reach any of the 5 par 5’s in 2. We just got back from Naples, Fl playing golf with a good friend. The 3rd round I shot 69 and missed 1 shot the whole day. My friend of 45 years said he never saw me hit the ball that well for 18 holes. I couldn’t be happier and I’m only on Day 28. I have recommended this program to every golfer I know. You have given new life in this 65 year old body. THANK YOU!

Robert W. | Painesville, OH | 03/16/17 |

I take a group of lessons with a PGA Pro prior to commencment of the new season which has seen my handicap improve by 5 shots over the last couple of years (currently 13). I had one of these lessons last Sunday having just completed Chapter 1 of the Tathata Programme. My pro commented on the carefree look of my swing and the strength and stability of my finish, my shots with the seven and five irons were straight or had a slight draw. Not just as successful with the fairway woods or driver which tented to be a push. Throughout the lesson there was no mention of my usual ills – not dropping on the inside on the downswing and no mention of my over the top movement. There is no doubt that the Tathata Body Movement Chapter had contributed significantly to my improvement and i look forward to continueing my training for the rest of the programme. With the help of the Tathata programme i look forward to continueing to improve my overall game and my enjoyment of the game reaching new highs.

Aidan D. | Antrim, Northern Ireland | 3/16/17 |

On day 16 of your program and I can’t say enough good things about it!!!

Jill H. | Scottsdale, AZ | 03/16/17 |

I really like the program. I have worked with a golf instructor for years and still didn’t have the modern golf swing body sequencing mastered. These body movements make much more sense.

Patrick D. | Rancho Palos Verdes, CA | 03/12/17 |

Since it is still Winter i have not been able to play. I have been to the driving range and have been hitting the ball well. I have a Speedstik and I can now snap the Stik with one hand which i could not do prior to the program. The instruction is very clear and makes sense. Clearly not a band aid. I have purchased a lot of golf material and this is very complete.

Jerry R. | Charleston, WV | 03/13/17 |

I now have an understanding of what I should be doing with my body and hands and arms. I also know what my mental attitude should be.

Ted O. | Hertford, NC | 3/13/17 |

The program has a great sense of balance in the presentation of materials. Nothing to overwhelm one as they go through the process of accepting Tathata as a means of playing better golf. The positive energy throughout the program seeps into your conscious as you play. Besides learning without a driving range was an eye opener. Going through the routines, building each step of the way on previous routines made a believer out of me. For so long we are taught that the success of each lesson is measured by the distance and direction of each ball we hit on the range. It’s no wonder why it has been so difficult to improve. Tathata proves that you do not need to go to the range to play better golf.

Henry S. | Wellington, FL | 03/13/17 |

I have hit enough good shots to have 100% confidence in the program. Very professional, informative, and very well planned. I am very excited about what lies ahead. Bryan has to be in great shape to be able to talk us through the stretching routine!

Peter D. | Columbus, GA | 03/13/17 |