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What I like is that it breaks the mould of traditional teaching where we are told about specific positions we must get our body and club into. This would result in me having to manipulate either the club or my body into a false position. This course explains every movement required and makes it physically and mentally possible to have a great golf game. The improvement in my golf game, confidence on the course and understanding of the golf swing and associated movements and pressure required has brought me to a place I have never been before. Apart from a few mental errors on the course, I would have beaten my best score by now, but I know it is coming. Maybe today.

Steven S. | Aberdeen, UK | 04/19/17 |

Just want to say I’ve only played golf for 55 years. Pro teacher and mini-tour player. Martial arts and Zen instructor. And this is the best communication of positions and methods in golf I’ve seen so far. Well done!

Jay I. | Lancaster, PA | 04/19/17 |

What can I say, it’s the best course I’ve ever had in my life. Bryan has such a passion such a good instructor, I’m a flyfisherman a furniture maker I was into martial arts and a photographer. It was very easy to relate to Bryan instruction because of my own passions in life. On day 55, and I cannot wait to play golf, I definitely feel the greatness coming on. thanks soooooo much for the passion.

Ronald B. | Norway, ME | 04/15/17 |

My typical golf day has not changed however I’ve noticed immediate improvement to ball-flight, trajectory and shot-shape, following the body movements training. The program has made it easy for me to disregard “tips” and swing theory that perhaps entered my mind in the past. Actually, I cringe at some of the instruction offered on TV now. I love how the program is so thorough, began with body movements, set up and laid a foundation for the swing. The program is absolutely terrific so far and I look forward to getting deeper into it over the summer. Thank you for your effort putting this all together. I’m only through lesson 20 but there is nothing I would change. I especially enjoyed Day 8 and 18 where you looked at the movements of some of the greatest athletes. It is amazing how much we have missed in traditional golf instruction and some “modern” swing theories now appear so far off what is true.

Derek S. | Thailand | 04/15/17 |

I like everything about the program, how each day builds on each other, the detailed information, the enthusiasm with which all the information is presented, just brilliant.

Donny P. | Queensland, Australia | 04/10/17 |

I am very impressed with everything about your program. I think it is the most through explanation of a good swing I have ever seen. I have always said that teaching leaves a lot of questions out there. I have said for years that the most important question in golf is the one you did not ask.

Rob L. | Temple, TX | 04/03/17 |

I like the program a lot compared to one lesson with a pro for $100 an hour up here. At the range my shots are longer, straighter and crisper than ever before.

David L. | Hales Corners, WI | 04/03/17 |

Thank you. I have enjoyed the first 6 days and look forward each day to the next. I have only played golf once in the last 6 days. My playing partner was amazed at how well I was hitting my driver and 3 wood. I am amazed at how understanding how the body moves is already starting to increase power. I am a 5.9 handicap currently and fluctuate between 3 and 7. I am confident this training will help me find my own greatness in the game. Thanks again!

Fred J. | Yuba City, CA | 03/31/17 |

Sound reasoning to demystify golf swing with courage to challenge status quo.

Sam L. | McDonough, GA | 03/30/17 |

As an ex martial artist it makes sense to me, I wish I had thought of it myself. I had tried before to apply my ability to punch to my golf, but unsuccessfully, brilliant and well thought out piece of work by Bryan

Aidan P. | Cabinteely, Ireland | 03/29/17 |

So far I am very impressed with what I am learning. So different from what I had believed about how to use a golf club. I believe from what little I have seen and studied that Mr. Helper does in fact know what he is talking about. I am excited to continue with the training.

Jack H. | Glendale, AZ| 03/30/17 |

Bryan, Chapeau to your training approach !!! I’m finally learning to move my body through impact!

I’ve been studying golf for decades and although I have almost every book/CD there is out there, I have never seen such an excellent explanation on how the body moves. What’s best, it is easy to apply and works!

If, before my Tathata training, I have been able to play in the low 80’s even the high 70’s occasionally, not knowing how to move my body properly, wait to see what I am going to be able to do in the near future, I’m excited. I’ll let you know of course.

Thanks for being disruptive on teaching and having the mental strength and focus to deliver such a great work as it is Tathata Golf training system

Javier L. | Madrid, Spain | 03/23/17 |

On day 16 of the program. I just finished 5 days of golf with buddies in Palm Springs and I noticed consistent improvement in Ball contact, distance and most importantly in mental attitude. I was a doubter of the value of mental training but no longer! I look forward to the rest of the program.

Murray K. | Winnipeg, Canada | 03/22/17 |

Fabulous. I am 77 and playing my best golf in 15 years. I’m excited to get to the course and take money from my mates. But, seriously, I am having a lot more fun and look forward to continuing the program each lesson. 

Joe F. | Laredo, TX | 03/22/17 |

The range of support mechanisms are excellent and personally I feel the idea of building the swing in this manner will reap benefits. The course is far superior to any DVD’s, books or mags that i have referenced before. The overall quality of the videos, the detailed instruction and energy Bryan and the team bring to the programme is first rate.

Aidan D. | Antrim, UK | 03/21/17 |

I created my Tathata account 27 days ago and since then I went through the first chapter(10 days lessons). Today I played my third amateur competition, and 3 out of 3 wins! I moved from handicap 22.3 one month ago to 17 today
Anyway, I don’t care about wins. The more important thing for me is I’m plenty of confidence over the ball, and doing my swing. I’m showing my own greatness to the world.
Thanks a lot to Bryan Hepler and Tathata Golf Team to share with us all this incredible principles and knowledge what is doing golf so simple for me. I was really frustrated playing golf a month ago, and now I’m happy on the golf course.
The streching routine is part of my daily life routine, and I try to do the body routine A as much as possible.
And I’m just in lesson day 11!!!!! I’m so exciting about the next weeks and the next Tathata lessons coming…

Javier F. | Murcia, Spain | 03/18/17 |

Started the program in mid January. At 65 I’ve been losing distance the past couple of years. My handicap has been a 5 -6 for the past few years with the strength of my game changing from the long game to chipping & putting. I haven’t shot par on my home course for 2 years, partially because I can no longer reach any of the 5 par 5’s in 2. We just got back from Naples, Fl playing golf with a good friend. The 3rd round I shot 69 and missed 1 shot the whole day. My friend of 45 years said he never saw me hit the ball that well for 18 holes. I couldn’t be happier and I’m only on Day 28. I have recommended this program to every golfer I know. You have given new life in this 65 year old body. THANK YOU!

Robert W. | Painesville, OH | 03/16/17 |

I take a group of lessons with a PGA Pro prior to commencment of the new season which has seen my handicap improve by 5 shots over the last couple of years (currently 13). I had one of these lessons last Sunday having just completed Chapter 1 of the Tathata Programme. My pro commented on the carefree look of my swing and the strength and stability of my finish, my shots with the seven and five irons were straight or had a slight draw. Not just as successful with the fairway woods or driver which tented to be a push. Throughout the lesson there was no mention of my usual ills – not dropping on the inside on the downswing and no mention of my over the top movement. There is no doubt that the Tathata Body Movement Chapter had contributed significantly to my improvement and i look forward to continueing my training for the rest of the programme. With the help of the Tathata programme i look forward to continueing to improve my overall game and my enjoyment of the game reaching new highs.

Aidan D. | Antrim, Northern Ireland | 3/16/17 |

On day 16 of your program and I can’t say enough good things about it!!!

Jill H. | Scottsdale, AZ | 03/16/17 |

Each time I take the next lesson, I hear or “get” something that I didn’t before, even if the lesson is a repeat.

Linda B. | Boca Raton, FL | 03/14/17 |

Since it is still Winter i have not been able to play. I have been to the driving range and have been hitting the ball well. I have a Speedstik and I can now snap the Stik with one hand which i could not do prior to the program. The instruction is very clear and makes sense. Clearly not a band aid. I have purchased a lot of golf material and this is very complete.

Jerry R. | Charleston, WV | 03/13/17 |

I now have an understanding of what I should be doing with my body and hands and arms. I also know what my mental attitude should be.

Ted O. | Hertford, NC | 3/13/17 |

The program has a great sense of balance in the presentation of materials. Nothing to overwhelm one as they go through the process of accepting Tathata as a means of playing better golf. The positive energy throughout the program seeps into your conscious as you play. Besides learning without a driving range was an eye opener. Going through the routines, building each step of the way on previous routines made a believer out of me. For so long we are taught that the success of each lesson is measured by the distance and direction of each ball we hit on the range. It’s no wonder why it has been so difficult to improve. Tathata proves that you do not need to go to the range to play better golf.

Henry S. | Wellington, FL | 03/13/17 |

I have hit enough good shots to have 100% confidence in the program. Very professional, informative, and very well planned. I am very excited about what lies ahead. Bryan has to be in great shape to be able to talk us through the stretching routine!

Peter D. | Columbus, GA | 03/13/17 |

I really like the program. I have worked with a golf instructor for years and still didn’t have the modern golf swing body sequencing mastered. These body movements make much more sense.

Patrick D. | Rancho Palos Verdes, CA | 03/12/17 |

Having experienced a thirty year long journey into the darkness of conventional golf instruction, be it personal instruction, studying a library of books or viewing tons of online instruction videos or systems, without being able to break 80 on a consistent basis or – even more important – to experience all the great golf courses in the world in a way they are designed to be played, I have been very cautious and taken a long time evaluating this program after having finished it, before commenting on it.
The rationale behind Tathata golf is indeed revolutionary, eye-opening, simply genius.
The content and structure although sometimes feeling a little over repetive and tedious, is nevertheless brilliant and gets even clearer in the graduate section.
The concept of learning a golf game, – not on a driving range, a short game area, a putting green or even a golf course but in the coziness of our own living room in the middle of winter, armed with one golf club, never hitting a single ball, is mind-blowing.
Out of hibernation, after weeks of evaluating the movements I have embodied in a real golfing environment, I feel that I am coming out of darkness and chasing daylight now.
The person taking up the game for the first time and going through Tathata program will probably start their golf career as a single handicapper before they have even hit their first golf ball.
Anybody having struggled with his game for indefinite years like I did and committed to this program is prone to experience this moment during or after the program, when something unexpected yet inevitable, longed for and gorgeously beautiful is happening – this moment of conviction that his movement is unmistakably right.

Alexander A. | Vienna, Austria | 03/08/17 |

Being a student of golf for over 25 years, and playing off a handicap of 1, I have, in the past, played some good golf by studying and learning everything I could find on the golf motion. Tathata golf not only galvanises all other golf theory together, it is without a doubt the most comprehensive and absolutely correct method of motion and learning ever explained. There is no doubt about this or that, it simply is the golf motion. More than that, it brings a state of confidence and dare I say, ‘authentic greatness’ about your own self.
Utterly marvellous!

Ian J. | Shropshire, England | 03/03/2017 |

I am extremely skeptical of golf training videos and training aids after the elevator ride my handicap has been the last 18 years! After a “straight shootin’ golf” video series disaster and split grip training aid to fix the straight shootin’ disaster I was done with all that and getting back to the basics. Which has worked me back to a 12.3 hdcp. So I was very reluctant but intrigued when I saw the ads! 17 days ago I pulled the trigger and could not be more satisfied! I played golf 2 days ago and my ball striking was the best its ever been. I shot 76 on a course where my previous best was 82. I am barely past a quarter of the way done and I can’t wait to see whats out in front of me when I have completed my 60 days. I recommend this to all levels of golfers. I will only make you better!

Stacy G. | Iowa City, IA | 02/24/17 |

I’ve been watching the infomercial for some time and was telling myself…”You have to do this!” Playing golf one day in Scottsdale, I happened to stumble upon the Tathata campus by fate I’d like to think. After meeting Alex and him giving me a little brief synapse of what Tathata about, I was all in. And then having a chance to meet Bryan and feeling his energy, I knew this is the real deal.
After just finishing the first chapter (10 lessons), I couldn’t be more impressed and excited about whats ahead. I used to play pretty good golf but have grown frustrated with jumping from one tip or feeling to another and not really improving. As I’ve aged a bit, I’ve noticed my body not being about to get into the positions necessary to play my best golf. I know Tathata has me on the right path to shall I even say great golf. I couldn’t be more excited about what is to come. Big thank you and thumbs up to Alex and Bryan!

John J. | Chicago, IL | 02/23/17 |

Thanks so much for your great program. I winter in South Padre island Texas. I work will ellender in Michigan .l had my best round today 77(12 handicap) and one under par on the front and start losing my greatness on the back nine. Pressure , rib lift and surfing made a big difference to my game. I am 75 with back and knee problems and have found Tathata golf easier on my body. Thanks so much for all the hard work and energy you have put into you program.

Joseph M. | Ann Arbor, MI | 02/23/17 |

In the past every time a tried to get athletic with the golf swing all my technique broke down. So i decided that the golf swing was more like a dance than an athletic movement. But now, with Tathata, i can be strong and powerful and more importantly, “athletic” in my golf swing. I am loving this concept and program. Not only a golf changing experience for me but a life changing experience. And with the positive energy of the mental training sessions I have given myself permission to get back in touch with the universal energy force and who “i am”. Thank you.

Ed R. | Flourtown, PA | 02/06/17 |

After spending a month training with my coach and the Tathata program, I felt my swing getting more stable, stronger, consistent, and controlling the club face through impact felt much easier. All of this helped me recently when I almost broke a scoring record and won an AJGA tournament. I’m really excited to keep working the 60 day program into my training and seeing how much more my game can improve!

Aden Ye | Lake Mary, FL | 02/01/17 |

As a PGA Professional a Coach and Sport Science Graduate with Honours I’m always interested when the two fields cross. I study as many systems as I can to help me be a more complete coach to my clients and the Tathata system is by far one of the most professional, complete and well presented out there. Bravo to the entire team behind this.
I know the movements presented in the system along with the supporting documents will take any serious student of the game to another level, I highly recommend it.

Matt D. | Whangarei, New Zealand | 01/26/17 |

I am only on day 14 of the 60 day training but I can “sense” that great things are going to and are happening. I have the physical capability to be so much better that I have played so far. I have taken lessons and have messed with internet sites. No good results have come from these. Most of my problems are mental and no confidence in the game even though I am very confident with everything else. I am sensing great things in my golf future. This all just makes so much sense. Thank You.

Jim K. | McAllen, TX | 01/16/17 |

I am a 72 years and I find the exercises very helpful resulting in a massive improvement to my golf game both in ball speed and distance. I now find that I am more confident on the golf course because I know I can hit the ball with consistent results.

Jim S. | St. Andrews, Scotland | 01/24/17 |

I’m a 10 handicap playing golf for over 15 years. But even at only day 5, when i have not even swung a club, I am absolutely certain this training program will put anyone on the right track to developing a powerful, sustainable swing. The motions speak not to your mind but to your body and how natural it feels. Your body accepts it like it does water. Everything feels smooth, comfortable and coordinated. Pressure builds but doesn’t stress the body. Stretching exercises build mobility and strength in specific small muscles that will support the swing. i absolutely believe anyone that goes through this program with an open mind and does all the required motions and exercises will develop a swing they will LOVE and one that they can trust and feel confident every time they address the ball.

Clement T. | Singapore | 01/23/17 |

I just wanted to say I have completed the program. It was to say the least, the best golf instruction I have ever received. I had to curtail some of the exercises, due to an slightly injured hip. However, I am very excited to apply my new found knowledge and confidence as I head down to Florida from Massachusetts for a week of golf at the end of this month.

Greg L. | Westfield, MA | 01/14/17 |

Hello Tathata, I find it incredible after all the money I have wasted with traditional golf lessons I now find this almost “magic”! It is truly wonderful, my game has come on leaps and bounds, Ron (my Movement Specialist) has helped me regain my enthusiasm and I am looking very much forward to the future, 5 stars and more.

David C. | St. Andrews, Scotland | 01/13/17 |

Love it, Bryan Hepler’s passion and enthusiasm for golf and the understanding and teaching of it are evident in his creation. His knowledge is overwhelming. I’ve never experienced the feeling of being so grounded and centered and understanding how pressure works in the golf swing. I am highly recommending this program to my golfing friends. It’s better than I could have expected.

Lloyd S. | Northbrook, IL | 01/02/17 |

Thank you Tathata Golf! I was lost and searching all the typical video and tv instruction. I’ve since learned that everything I tried was a correction to another problem. Tathata works and has me believing in myself again. I’m progressing and back scoring in the 70’s. Absolutely the best instruction for permanent improvement. Thank you, thank you.

Michael E. | Mesa, AZ | 01/09/17 |

In the 6 years I’ve been playing golf I’ve come to understand that a good shot requires the body/leg pivot, but in the one and half seconds that we get to swing, I never knew how to get it organized. There was no training I came across that showed me a way I understood to kind of instruct my body to do it. Trainers try but Tathata golf has told me how – it’s called Soccer Kick 🙂 and combined with the all the teachings of the minute lower body movements, well already I have a pivot, of sorts but much improved.

Thanks Tathata golf for your programme, they say the student arrives when they are ready to learn and with a bit of determination on my part, that will happen.

Kath L. | Sydney, Australia | 01/06/17 |

Yesterday before playing my first real serious round since starting Tathata Training before Thanksgiving I did the Energy routine and the Full Swing routine and did the stretching earlier in the morning. Playing golf I said I am trained I can do this and look ahead. Hit some great feeling shots especially a Pitching Wedge 116 yards for a hole-in-one. That probably was the best feeling swing all day. I was very impressed with my short iron play. On that hole in years past it was a soft eight iron or hard nine iron. More distance now. It was hard to not stop time after the hole-in-one.

Absolutely love Tathata, love the routines, love the mental training. It has made the game of golf more fun than it has ever been in 50 years.

Terry B. | Las Vegas, NV | 01/06/17 |
This is just amazing. Mr Hepler you are just brilliant. i have been stuck at handicap 18 for a long time and just doing your first 7 lesson i played today and i have never ever hit the ball so sweetly. Group playing with me said i should be a 10 Handicap. The putting let me down today but i am very confident within myself that in this 60 days i will master that physically and mentally thanks to your training. Today was the first day after a whole 18 holes i did not feel tired and i hit the ball further with less stress and effort. If 7 days of watching and practicing the body movements, stretching and mental training gives me this result i wonder where i will be after 60 days. Thank you Tathata. I take this opportunity to wish all of you and your loved ones a very Merry Christmas and a safe New year. Best wishes. Cheers. Girish
Girish B. | Greenvale, Australia | 12/24/16 |
I am on day 17. Very interesting & informative even at age 72.
Emmanuel S. | Naples, FL | 12/22/16 |
Did day 4 today and movements really came together. I have a couple of observations to share. Several years ago, I purchased “Golf Swing Control”, from, Tracy Reed. His approach to teaching and the golf swing have much in common with Tathata, but he offers no support on how to actually learn the movements. Also, the swing fundamentals so far outlined have have several similarities to those described by, Jimmy Ballard, in “How to Perfect Your Golf Swing”, but the Tathata teaching method is much more effective. After being a little hesitant at first, I am now excited about my progress and totally committed to Tathata. Thanks again
Tom M. | Peachtree, GA | 12/20/16 |
As I have articulated in a previous email, I am completely convinced this is the only way to learn Golf. With that said, I have already convinced 4 people to order the Program. 
I can just imagine the “but what about….” type questions you must have to defend from the “Traditional” Golf Sector. If everyone would just be patient and complete the program in order, ALL their questions will be resolved if they keep an open mind.  

I have a prescribed method of practice per day which involves Trajectory, Distance and Impact Drills, followed by chipping, putting and Sand work. I have only been playing Golf for approximately 25 months but am rapidly approaching a Single Digit handicap.  

With that said, I can without a doubt demonstrate that after completing only 28 days of the Program, my mental strength as well as Club Speed, Smash Factor, Spin Rate, Launch Angle(s), Face-to-Path, Landing Angle, DISTANCE, have improved exponentially according to my Trackman 4. Your program is DEAD SOLID and I applaud your courage in producing it.
Kym F. | Indio, CA | 12/19/16 |
Hi there! I am a 23-year old male, 13.0 index, from Philadelphia, PA. I’m starting Day 37 today. I want to say how immensely pleased I am with Tathata Golf’s 60-day program. I am absolutely blown away by the amount of info with which Bryan fills these videos, yet how simple and easy to understand it all is. Thank you, Tathata Team! 
Tyler B. | Philadelphia, PA | 12/14/16 |

The best instruction on golf (and a bit on life) that I’ve ever received. My swing is more sound, but the best part is my ability to take it from the range to course dramatically improved.

Tom H. | Jupiter, FL | 12/13/16 |

At 59 years old – I have added 30 yards to my drives to an average of 250 yards with superior accuracy. Chips and pitches are far more accurate to target and distance. Putting accuracy has improved – Couldn’t be happier.

Michael H. | Voorhees, NJ | 12/11/16 |

Having been introduced to Tathata Golf by the Pro at St Andrews Golf Company I am amazed by the potential for improving my game. Even at this very early stage the quality of my ball striking has improved significantly. My swing speed has increased considerably and I can’t wait to work through the programme. The best lesson and results I have experienced in 40 years of playing the game. Very exciting!

Alex R. | St. Andrews, Scotland | 12/08/16 |