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Take your 60-Day Training to a new level at the Tathata Training Center in Scottsdale, AZ.

17 Golf Training Stations

The fastest and most effective way to train, found nowhere else in the world

The Wall Of Greats

Deepen your understanding of the movements of the greatest golfers and athletes of all-time.

Multiple Short Game Training Stations

Deepen your understanding of your 60-Day Training Program movements.

Outdoor Training Dojo

Train your mind, body, & swing to deepen your 60-Day Training Program understanding.

Fitness & Strength Area

Easily build strength and increase flexibility during training sessions.

Indoor, Outdoor, or Covered Training

Choose the weather and atmosphere you want to train in


As you move through each of the 6 chapters of the 60-Day Training Program, members of the Tathata staff are ready to help assess, correct and enhance your movements. Visit us at the Tathata Training Center during or after completion of each chapter to increase your movement speed, accuracy and understanding, ultimately leading to better golf.

Session Outcomes

  • Increase movement accuracy
  • Increase movement speed
  • Increase movement safety and range of motion
  • Increase movement performance and understanding
  • Personalized movement assessment, correct and enhancement

Follow-Up Training Opportunities

  • Chapter 1 | Body & Stretching
  • Chapter 2 | Hands & Arms
  • Chapter 3 | Pressure & Impact
  • Chapter 4 | Speed, Strength & Full Swing
  • Chapter 5 | Short Game & Putting
  • Chapter 6 | Trajectory & Full Swing

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*All training sessions are $124.95 and 60 minutes. All appointments Arizona time.

The Tathata Outdoor Facility is like Disneyland for golf training.

- Brandel Chamblee


Enjoy an intimate session with the founder of Tathata Golf, Bryan Hepler. Bryan is available at the Tathata Training Center to introduce you Tathata Golf’s practices and principles, or assist you in your training if you are already a Tathata student. Spend an hour diving deeper into whatever aspect of Tathata training you want; body movements, full swing, short game or mental training.

A picture of Tathata Golf founder Bryan Hepler

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*All training sessions are $249.95 and 60 minutes. You may book multiple hours depending on availability. All appointments Arizona time.