Behind Tathata GolfA story from Bryan Hepler

An image of Bryan Hepler, founder of Tathata Golf
Bryan Hepler, founder of Tathata Golf

Over the last forty years I have been given the opportunity to learn from, train with, and discover the actual truths behind so many incredible teachers. I am forever grateful for everyone who has shared his or her own disciplines, training practices, and inner strength with me throughout this lifetime.

Through my parents first teachings, I have been given the unwavering passion to search for authentic meaning in every adventure. I was moved to validate all practices, test for myself, and revere the path of learning.

My mother relentlessly taught me that absolutely anything is possible as it is learned. She gave me the safety to always look for ways to learn differently, evaluate the authenticity of the one doing the teaching, and test everything at the highest level possible. I was told that if you read a book on a subject that moved you, then go find the author, learn in person and stay long enough to find out the relevance in his or her own life. Then ask for the most important lesson, “who taught you”, and if still available go train from them. I was encouraged to cross-reference all learning with different aspects of different disciplines so that I could fully deduct the wisdom from each and bring that learning together into my own being.

This passion has offered me the openness and willingness to travel, listen and learn from some of the greatest mental thinkers, spiritual leaders, martial art masters, coaches, and golf professionals. Over the last forty years each one of these individuals in their own unique way has so openly shared their personal training, their practice and principles with me. Each of them shed light on how their deep understanding of their own truth has transformed their life. All willingly helped me open my eyes to the possibilities of a simple new way to look at training the mind, body, and swing. The essence of Tathata Golf was born from each one of these experiences and without each person sharing their own love, passion, and education with me this movement would not be here for us to share.

I’m honored to have been given the time and the opportunity to develop Tathata Golf and share it with the world. I am grateful to have been entrusted by so many with bringing this vision forward in this moment. In the most loving way, Tathata Golf is my life’s passion and it is with great reverence to all before me that I bring this to light in a perception that stands the test of time

Tathata Golf is a lineage of unwavering care and love, with the utmost responsibility to authenticity. With truth comes a safe opening for everyone to come together for the betterment of all. From its inception, Tathata Golf has been built as a gift of love to all who visit.

Thank you for being here right now, and being open and willing to enjoy learning the game of golf in a completely new way. I am smiling inside as your own authentic greatness is building out in front…

Bryan HeplerFounder of Tathata Golf