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Tathata Golf Training. A Revolution in Golf Instruction

Welcome to Tathata Golf Training. 30 years of research and 5 years of testing resulted in the Training Curriculum we now offer to you. Our mind, body, and swing practices and principles combine the movements of the world’s greatest golfers and athletes with timeless movements and striking truths from the martial arts world in such a way that golf industry professionals are calling it “revolutionary and refreshing.”

Learn about the journey that created “The Essence” of Tathata Golf training. Our in-home, 60-Day Training Program, the first of its kind, allows all ages, body types and skill levels to learn and improve at a rapid rate not seen in other traditional golf instruction. Enjoy the 60-Day Program from the comfort of your own home using televisions, tablets and smartphones. All graduates of our foundational 60-Day Program are eligible to visit our world class training facilities in Scottsdale Arizona to continue down the line to mastery with our Graduate School programs. Coming in 2015, Tathata Certified Movement Specialists will be available in local areas to provide personalized Tathata Golf Training.

We encourage you to learn about the Essence of Tathata, our 60-Day Program, Graduate School and Movement Specialists program within this website and learn why Tathata Golf is being called a revolutionary new way to learn golf.  When you are ready, we look forward to helping you “become your greatness.”


A Golf Instruction and Education Brand.
A complete path of learning combining mind, body and swing practices
and principles to help you become your greatness.

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Featured Articles
Karen DaviesWinner of 2010 LPGA T&CP National Championship
"Tathata has given me a new way to look at how I play the game and enthuse me to do more than I’ve ever done. I get up in the morning & I want to go do it, that hasn’t happened for me in more than a decade."
Brandel Chamblee TV Analyst, Tathata Student
"There are commonalities that the greatest players have always had that are being missed today and they are being missed by a wide mark. What Tathata is doing is correcting golf instruction."
Ed GowanExecutive Director of the Arizona Golf Association
"Tathata is a new and revolutionary concept for learning that will help the average golfer as well as the very accomplished one understand how to swing the club effectively."
Gary McCordTV Analyst, Tathata Student
"I’m not getting paid a dime for this. Brandel and I have both gone through this program. I have done it for about 4 years, Brandel started about a year ago. We have been there we have done it and it is different."
Rob ManginiTathata Student, HDCP +1
"I've been fortunate to have worked with some of the world's top-rated instructors. Tathata Golf is definitely on an entirely different learning level."
Paxton JevnickTathata Student, HDCP 10
“It's not a bunch of swing tips, it's not a bunch of band-aids, it's built from the ground up, the right way, and it’s going to last for me, it's not going to disappear tomorrow, it’s in me.”
Diane MottTathata Student, HDCP 12
“Tathata Golf definitely has caused me to enjoy golf more and look forward to playing, look forward to shots, that otherwise I might have feared.”
Gary McCordTV Analyst, Tathata Student
"Bryan's deep understanding of natural body movements, through the eyes of the Samurai, made it 'real' to me. I have seen every form of golf instruction, and this is not only revolutionary, but refreshing.”