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About Us

Our Grow The Game Through
Better Golf Initiative

At Tathata Golf, we are driven by an unwavering passion to spark and support the sustained growth of the beautiful game of golf. With an aging demographic and entire generations of future golfers potentially being missed, we set out to provide the masses with a radically easier way to LEARN and EXCEL at the sport.

It is our fundamental belief that people of all ages, body types and ability levels can play and experience the game at a RADICALLY HIGHER LEVEL than what we see today. Through better golf, participation and enjoyment in the game can skyrocket providing a foundation for the industry to thrive for years to come.

Timeline of Tathata Golf & Founder Bryan Hepler’s Training

TATHATA, in its truest sense means “suchness,” a sense of complete
understanding and all-knowing. Tathata Golf Training has been built
around this principle.


The foundation of Tathata Training is the true path of learning that offers everyone who comes, a place to train his or her own mind, body, and swing. The practices and principles of Tathata Golf are based on a combination of movements from the greatest golfers and athletes of all-time, and timeless martial art movement and striking truths. Our curriculum is designed to build upon each other to create a path of reverence and softly move you beyond all thought of right or wrong, for you to be able to stand with strength and count on your own authentic greatness.


Eliminate the 3 largest
barriers in golf with Tathata Golf’s
all-inclusive membership.



Eliminate the 3 largest
barriers in golf with Tathata Golf’s
all-inclusive membership.




The Story From Bryan Hepler

Over the last forty years I have been given the opportunity to learn from, train with, and discover the actual truths behind so many incredible teachers. I am forever grateful for everyone who has shared his or her own disciplines, training practices, and inner strength with me throughout this lifetime.

Through my parents first teachings, I have been given the unwavering passion to search for authentic meaning in every adventure. I was moved to validate all practices, test for myself, and revere the path of learning.

My mother relentlessly taught me that absolutely anything is possible as it is learned. She gave me the safety to always look for ways to learn differently, evaluate the authenticity of the one doing the teaching, and test everything at the highest level possible. I was told that if you read a book on a subject that moved you, then go find the author, learn in person and stay long enough to find out the relevance in his or her own life. Then ask for the most important lesson, “who taught you”, and if still available go train from them. I was encouraged to cross-reference all learning with different aspects of different disciplines so that I could fully deduct the wisdom from each and bring that learning together into my own being.

This passion has offered me the openness and willingness to travel, listen and learn from some of the greatest mental thinkers, spiritual leaders, martial art masters, coaches, and golf professionals. Over the last forty years each one of these individuals in their own unique way has so openly shared their personal training, their practice and principles with me.

Each of them shed light on how their deep understanding of their own truth has transformed their life. All willingly helped me open my eyes to the possibilities of a simple new way to look at training the mind, body, and swing. The essence of Tathata Golf was born from each one of these experiences and without each person sharing their own love, passion, and education with me this movement would not be here for us to share.

I’m honored to have been given the time and the opportunity to develop Tathata Golf and share it with the world. I am grateful to have been entrusted by so many with bringing this vision forward in this moment. In the most loving way, Tathata Golf is my life’s passion and it is with great reverence to all before me that I bring this to light in a perception that stands the test of time

Tathata Golf is a lineage of unwavering care and love, with the utmost responsibility to authenticity. With truth comes a safe opening for everyone to come together for the betterment of all. From its inception, Tathata Golf has been built as a gift of love to all who visit.

Thank you for being here right now, and being open and willing to enjoy learning the game of golf in a completely new way. I am smiling inside as your own authentic greatness is building out in front…

Bryan Hepler
Founder of Tathata Golf


To all who have shared your heart, your training, and
your inner wisdom I thank you for all of your care and love.

As you move down this list know that I did not intend to make one moment more important than the rest, all moments equally have opened my heart. Forgive me if I have forgotten to mention your teaching and know that over time this list is growing. I want to thank in advance all those who will be drawn to come in the moments ahead.


Mike Abram
Steve Abram
Paul Adler
Jan Albers
Kim Anderson
Paul Anton
Lauren Archer
Bev Balfour
Kene Bensel
Emilie Bower
Wayne Brown
Dr. McLeod Bryan
Dan Campbell
Tracy Carr
Eric Case
John Chadwick
Brandel Chamblee
Keith Clearwater
Tony Coreno
Adrian Crook
Kim Anderson
Mark Dabagia
Steve Dahlby
Dr. Gary Daniel
Karen Davies
Todd Demsey
Ben Doyle
Donna Erickson
John Fields
Ed Gowan
Jesse Haddock
Jack Hardwick

Dr. Sherry Harrison
Josh Harvey
Steve Heller
Ashley Hepler
Barb Hepler
Justin Hepler
Russ Hepler
Dave Herold
Del Herring
Paul Hirsch
Jock Holliman
David Huch
Curt Hudek
Chris Johnson
Scott Johnson
Cliff Jones
Bob Keenan
Homer Kelly
Stuart Kirk
Heath Kyle
Mike LaBauve
Mike Lindsey
Dr. Jason Loth
Glenn Malm
Hira Ratan Manek
Rob Mangini
Gary McCord
Mike McKinley
Abbie Mia Merrick
Dan Millman
Barry Milner
Alex Moore

Jason Moore
Michael Murphy
Muffie Noble
Mac O’Grady
Michael Owens
Kent Pachl
Eddie Paine
Dr. Allen Palmer
Ted Purdy
James Redfield
Rob Rigg
Garchen Rinpoche
Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche
Tony Robbins
Katherine Roberts
Kanjuro Shibata Sensei XX
Tyler Simpson
Jim Strickland
Gregg Tryhus
Stan Utley
Jason Vaillancourt
George Van Tassel
Kyle Vena
Warren Vickers
Kyle Walters
Dr. Ken Wapnick
Steve White
Garth Wieger
Sue Wieger
Joe Worden
Josh Zander