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Loving the learning process!

Love working thru the 60-Day Program. Learning how to move the body before dealing with the hands/arms/club - brilliant!!
- Travis R.

Lessons make total sense!

As a fairly athletic person who has only sporadically played golf, these lessons made total sense to me.
- Eli R.

Wonderful Experience!

It has been a wonderful experience training the mind, body & swing.
- Caroline S.

Nothing else like it in the world!

I can honestly say there is no other golf-training program like it in the world!!
- Karen S.

Amazing content and presentation

The content is amazing. The way you are presenting it is also really solid.
- Teri P.

EXCITING new way to improve!

This is an exciting new way to improve your golf game. Now anyone can get PGA Professional training--at home--on a budget. Very cool!
- Randy B.

Broke 100!

After a week of Tathata training, I broke 100 for the first time!
- Amy K.

Student breaks 80 shooting 72!

A female student of mine who had never broken 80 before recently started the program. After just 15 days, she broke 80 for the first time, shooting 72! That doesn’t happen in golf.
- Karen D.

True gift for all!

The Tathata 60 Day program is a true gift to all people.
- Jodi

All coming together!

I’m on Day 27 now. It’s all starting to come together for me.
- Tom W.

Highly Recommended!

Great product! This amazing series covers everything about your golf game, and I mean everything. I highly recommend.
- Tim R.

Best score of the year!

I’m 72 years old. 13 handicap. Through 7 days and already shot my best score of the year, 80.
- Steve P.

Great experience all around!

Everything about Tathata Golf is impressive… and the responsiveness of the support office is a part of that excellence.
- Jim H.

The way golf should be taught!

This is the way golf should be taught!! The club can’t do what the body won’t allow.
- Kyle T.

Incredible improvement!

Finalized Day 50 which was the last day of the Short Game Module. I cannot believe that I hesitated to pay $180 for this program! Yesterday I had 4 birdies in a row which was a first for me. I think that a big contributor was the mental exercises that are included in the program.
- Golfbeat

Tathata Golf

So far, what I've felt is that all of the time and work going into my golf training is also flowing into my overall health and well-being.
- Jim K.


I really believe this is the best money I've ever spent on instruction, the amount of quality material you get $180.
- Kran L.

Extremely excited!

I would like to take the time to tell you how excited I am so far through this portion of the program. The pressure series really brought it all together.
- Martin F.

Club Champion!

I’m 13 days into the 60-day program and I won my Club Championship today. Tathata Golf is the best info on the golf swing I’ve ever seen.
- Tom D.

Instant believer

First off, the free week trial I did has helped my game more than a years worth of lessons.
- Matt F.

Incredible value!

Also, I know $180 is a lot of money. However, the amount of content in these lessons is CRAZY. The amount of work that went into this program is unlike a lot of things you see.
- Zadd H.

Love what I'm learning!

Love what I am learning and completely engrossed in the instruction. I encourage all who make this investment to learn to stay the course and know the results will come along with the effort invested.
- Lance V.

Effortless golf

I’m in my early 40s and you really can change your swing because I did if you put the time in with a program like this that shows you how to really move. You go slow and eventually learn to add speed to it. I don't even think about my swing it’s just so well trained it happens.
- Diz T.

Happy customer!

How this works I have no idea, but I'm just over the moon with the results. I'm actually having to recalibrate all my irons on my home course as I keep hitting over or to the very back of greens.
- David P.

Best score, more to come, excited!

I just shot my personal best of 81. The coolest thing is I feel I have room to improve and a methodology to make that improvement happen. This is exciting. Thanks again.
- Andy D.

Confidence and performance skyrocketing

I am a 57 year old woman and a novice golfer. I am at day 14 and every day, my confidence and performance is skyrocketing. I have even had multiple compliments from experienced golfers on my form while driving. Bryan Hepler's explanations for understanding body movement and strength that I am familiar with from other sports, and applying them to golf are perfect for learning the golf swing.
- Elinor W.

Best way to train ever taught in golf

I am a 78 year-old student on day 14, this is the best way to train that has ever been taught in Golf.
- Paul L.

Most in-depth and clear training

I've never come across such an excellent explanation which ties it all together and clarifies exactly what is going on during the swing. Plus I'm now up to day 51 and have found his concept of applying his swing model to the short game very enlightening.
- David H.

Great way to learn golf

I've always wondered why this approach to learning how to swing wasn't used in golf. They use this in Korea and the kids who learn this way are supposed to be pretty phenomenal...Just look at the Korean women on the LPGA.
- Scott J.

Extremely happy!

Hit balls for the first time after getting through Day 47. It was nice to stand in the bay knowing what I needed to do and not guessing, or trying to incorporate some swing thought I read about. Did a lot of the various body and arm movements in between shots. I felt I had a blueprint to follow and nothing else cluttered the mind. I was extremely happy with the results.
- TK

Money well spent

This money has been well spent with the most detailed swing training I have ever seen.
- Chaz B.

Golf is fun again, thanks!

The putting method has cured all my putting problems. One of my friends asked me if I had seen a putting psychologist. This whole program is terrific. I'm 75 and my left hip was replaced two+ years ago, even so I have picked up distance and accuracy. Golf is fun again, thanks.
- David R.

Goldmine of information

Would like to comment on the quality and insight of instruction. It truly is a goldmine of information and practice routines for the investment.
- Richard K.

Shocking Distance!

I have been through 5 sessions. Prior to the course (60-Day Program), I would hit shots on trackman 230 to 245 yards. Last night, I went to the same trackman machine and was shocked. My lowest numbers were 245 and some were as high as 275-280!
- Randy F.

Lowest score in years!

At day 32 into your program, I went out for my 8th round and shot a 69 with 5 birdies. The new swing was working great! I was hitting more fairways and hitting it longer. I haven't shot a 69 in three years… my low score at my home course.
- Steve Y.

Best program for improving your game

I have made great gains and have impressed my playing partners. Each time I go through the program I seem to gain more and more knowledge. I have dozens of videos and books and I have viewed hundreds of YouTubes and they hold no interest for me anymore; I really feel your program is the best for improving this game. Thank you so much.
- Alfred P.

There is a better way to learn golf

Wow. My thanks to Bryan Hepler (founder) and the entire staff of Tathata Golf for a brilliantly conceived and wonderfully executed way to day by day integrate principles based on martial arts and the swings of the greatest golfers in history. There is a better way to learn the game of golf. To find it for yourself purchase and enjoy the beautiful creation that is Tathata Golf.
- Joel B.

VERY Exciting!

I have just finished day 3. I am 69 and my goal is to shoot my age. I have a 14 handicap. My experience so far is wonderful. Not only am I striking the ball more solidly and consistently, but I can feel muscle development and a difference in my approach to every shot. I'm VERY excited!
- Robert D.

More power with all clubs!

Interesting…I just went from a R to an A shaft. After 6 days have definitely picked up distance, the ball even sounds different off the club. Prior a good drive was carrying 190-195, now I would say 215-220. 7 iron 125-130 now 135-140. Is difficult to put a number on it, Central, FL has been windy. Will have to re-calibrate all my distances and maybe replace my 1 month old clubs but there are worst problems!
- Paul B.

Remarkable, highly recommend

Just finished Day 7. Practiced and walked 9 yesterday; remarkable day of ball-striking. Just tried to feel and incorporate the setup and body movements we've discussed so far. Thanks guys, for this challenging and insightful way to open up to new possibilities. All of this has been there all along, that's part of why I know it's so right.
- Mick H.

Huge distance increase!

My driver went from an average of 250-260, to 280-290. I have even hit a couple of 320 plus drives. The feeling is amazing and my confidence and sense of purpose is thru the roof.
- Shannon L.

Thank you Tathata Golf!!

Thank you Tathata Golf!! I am a significantly better player now.
- Mr. Gray

Sub 90

“I just finished day 27, I’m 69 years old and went out yesterday and shot my first sub 90 ever on a course I usually shoot in the low 100’s.
- Larry M.

This has been great!!!

I just completed day 23. It has been years since I have hit shots so crisp. I was hesitant at first but by the third hole I knew that I knew what I was doing and had all the confidence in the world. I realized I was trained. I knew what to do. This has been great!!!!
- Mark L.

Best golf of my life, no swing thoughts

To date this year, I am playing the best golf of my life with almost no thinking about my golf swing.
- Jon D.

Best my swing has ever been!

After only the first chapter, I’ve shot the best round of my life (67) and qualified for the State Am for the first time! Swing feels the best it ever has!
- Zach G.

Tathata is the secret!

I have been training since Oct 2015. I was a 13 handicap and am now down to a 7.4. Best of all, I play in the Golf Channel Amateur Tour and have won 6 events so far this year.
- Dennis T.

Been waiting 75 years!

There is no word or words to describe how Tathata Golf can change every aspect of The Game of Golf. I started learning to play in 1941, 75 years later there is still something missing until now. I’m not sure I would have continued pursuing my lifelong dream, I’ve never been more excited. The opportunity is overwhelming. Thanks Tathata!
- John P.

Thanks T team

First time in 4-5 years. Can't recall exactly. Broke 80 with a 75. Solid 75. It's worth it if you want to be a more complete golfer at whatever level you may be at. Thanks to the entire T team.
- Randy W.

Ball striking and distance have improved!

Very interesting process… we have all heard the “greats” say golf is a game built from the ground up. You know what it is? That is the amazing part of this program. Ball striking and distance have improved.
- James K.

Best thing since the Hogan book

I hit balls each day and the improvement is already amazing. So much of golf instruction is just plain confusing and counterintuitive. Tathata movements are the best thing in golf since the Hogan book.
- Mike M.

Best Round!

This training is so different from anything I have ever learned…the body movements are resonating with me and I had my best round of the year on this 4th of July — I am a 21 and I shot 89.
- Susan C.


To say that I am thrilled with what is happening would be an understatement. As I’ve matured from 60 to 74 years old I’ve gone from an 8 handicap to a weak 17. Just finishing chapter 1 and the couple sore spots that come and go are nothing compared to the improvements in ball striking that has been achieved in so little time.
- Ray R.

Pressure was the missing element!

I completely see how pressure is the glue that holds the swing together. Just shot a career low round, Even par, in my weekly league and I'm an 11 handicap. Pressure was the missing element from all parts of my game.
- Sean B.

Outstanding program

I have taken lessons for a number of years and have learned more in 20 days in chapters 1 and 2.
- Reg


I also want to tell you how thrilled I am to have been able to participate in this program. I have learned more in 60 days thru this than I have in my 20 years of playing golf. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. This has been an awakening and genuine addition to the pleasure of my life.
- Linda J.

Nothing else like this, thank you

I can honestly say I have not previously experienced such an innovative, comprehensive learning experience - and I look forward to many years of much better and more enjoyable golf.
- Michael H.

Pressurizing body

Currently, on Day 23 and this section is very intriguing to me. Pressuring the entire body is just something that is not taught, but Bryan's correlation between the golf swing and using a samurai sword makes total sense to me.
- Rob F.

Tathata Golf

The precise manner in which the information is presented and the detailed explanation of the thinking behind the movements is unlike anything else in golf training. I was initially uncertain about a training routine that did not include hitting golf balls. Now, at day 20, I get it. In fact, not being distracted by where the ball goes is a huge plus…
- Henry K.


I have to tell you that I spent some time at the range yesterday and never hit shots so consistent, far and balanced as I did. Unbelievable!
- Tom L.

Setting a new standard

Your process and the way you communicate, it sets a new standard in the field.
- Henry B.

Outstanding Value and Learning

The course is truly outstanding value for what you pay for. I believe I have learned MUCH more with these lessons than I ever have at the 4 different golf schools I attended in Florida, California, and Arizona, at about 1% of the total cost of these 4 golf schools.
- Bernie

Not taught in traditional golf instruction

The most helpful part of the program to me was the teaching on “pressure in the golf swing.” Tathata uses the same training techniques a martial artist will use to maximize force in swinging a sword or breaking a brick with your hand. This is simply not taught in traditional golf instruction.
- Bert R.

Broke 80!

Finished the last 13 holes at 1 over par for a round of 79. First time I have broken 80. In fact, I’ve only broken 85 three times. My best score this year before today was 85. My best score all time was three years ago at 83.
- Larry S.

Incredible, total game improvements

I can without a doubt demonstrate that after completing only 28 days of the Program, my mental strength as well as Club Speed, Smash Factor, Spin Rate, Launch Angle(s), Face-to-Path, Landing Angle, DISTANCE, have improved exponentially according to my Trackman 4. Your program is DEAD SOLID and I applaud your courage in producing it.
- Kym L.

CANNOT thank you enough

I simply CANNOT thank you and Bryan for FINALLY explaining this game in a standardized extremely easy to understand, eliminating the traditional guesswork involved in my previous lessons. It seems I am answering, “how did you get SO GOOD so fast” on a daily basis.
- Kim P.


This is just amazing. Mr. Hepler you are just brilliant. I have been stuck at handicap 18 for a long time and just doing your first 7 lessons I played today and I have never ever hit the ball so sweetly. Group playing with me said I should be a 10 Handicap.
- Girish T.

Tons of great information!

I am a 23-year old male, 13.0 index, from Philadelphia, PA. I’m starting Day 37 today. I want to say how immensely pleased I am with Tathata Golf’s 60-day program. I am absolutely blown away by the amount of info with which Bryan fills these videos, yet how simple and easy to understand it all is.
- Tyler A.

Happy student

The swing fundamentals so far outlined have had several similarities to those described by, Jimmy Ballard, in "How to Perfect Your Golf Swing", but the Tathata teaching method is much more effective. After being a little hesitant at first, I am now excited about my progress and totally committed to Tathata. Thanks again.
- Tom P.


I am on day 17. Very interesting & informative even at age 72.
- Emmanuel S.

Golf training

Absolutely love Tathata, love the routines, love the mental training. It has made the game of golf more fun than it has ever been in 50 years.
- Todd S.

Hole in one!

First time playing golf since beginning the program… Hit some great feeling shots especially a PW 116 yards for a hole-in-one. That probably was the best feeling swing all day. I was very impressed with my short iron play. On that hole in years past it was a soft eight iron or hard nine iron. More distance now…
- Terry H.


After spending a month training with my coach and the Tathata program, I felt my swing getting more stable, stronger, consistent, and controlling the club face through impact felt much easier. All of this helped me recently when I almost broke a scoring record and won an AJGA tournament. I’m really excited to keep working the 60-Day Program into my training and seeing how much more my game can improve!
- Aden Ye

Thank you

You offer the BEST value in TOP QUALITY golf instruction in the world. If someone wants to dedicate themselves to getting better and will put in the time, there is really NO other online instruction that even comes close to what you offer. I know this is a labor of love for you and you should be congratulated on a job well done.
- Steve D.

Best golf instruction!

The program is truly amazing. Am just about to start day 31. Have had a lot of golf instruction in my life (am 59 and been playing since 18) and can say with absolute certainty that Tathata golf is the most impactful.
- Ellis T.

Ball striking best it's ever been!

I am extremely skeptical of golf training videos and training aids after the elevator ride my handicap has been on the last 18 years! After a “straight shootin’ golf” video series disaster and split grip training aid to fix the straight shootin’ disaster I was done with all that and getting back to the basics. Which has worked me back to a 12.3 hdcp. So I was very reluctant but intrigued when I saw the ads! 17 days ago I pulled the trigger and could not be more satisfied! I played golf 2 days ago and my ball striking was the best its ever been. I shot 76 on a course where my previous best was 82. I am barely past a quarter of the way done and I can’t wait to see whats out in front of me when I have completed my 60 days. I recommend this to all levels of golfers. It will only make you better!
- Stacy G.

Great Company, Great Product

All I can tell you is that the program is legit. Everything about the company is above board and they've got a really strong product. I generally don't spend a lot of time endorsing products, but this one has earned my respect. Tathata has invested a tremendous amount of time and effort to come up with a product that works in a field where so many other have failed. I like to encourage companies that do things well. Essentially, you're getting 60 hours of top instruction for $200 (I can't remember exactly what they charge) i used to be in the high 90's which often ballooned into triple digits. After 30 days and many buckets on the range, I'm in the mid 80's and still improving. My distance hasn't improved (I hit 275 with the driver, 160 with a 7 iron including roll) but my accuracy and consistency has improved dramatically. I used to have a significant draw. Now i fade the ball 2-3 yards with a full 7 iron. The program is sound and you WILL see an improvement IF you follow the program. I have zero affiliation with this company. Cheers
- David T.

Best gift ever!

My son, Teal, got me the Tathata program for Christmas. I'm currently on day 38... best Christmas gift ever! Teal and I were in St Louis this weekend for the NCAA wrestling championships. Outside the Scotttrade center (home of the St Louis Blues) is a statue of NHL hall-of-famer Allan McInnis in a Tathata pose, I snapped this photograph Teal in front of the bronze yesterday. Tathata is the best instructional golf program ever!
- Bruce L.

Recommend to everyone

My friend of 45 years said he never saw me hit the ball that well for 18 holes. I couldn’t be happier and I'm only on Day 28. I have recommended this program to every golfer I know. You have given new life in this 65 year old body.
- Robert M.

Best golf training I've seen in 55 years!

Just want to say I've only played golf for 55 years. Pro teacher and mini-tour player. Martial arts and Zen instructor. And this is the best communication of positions and methods in golf I've seen so far. Well done!
- Jay I.

I am a believer!

Thank you Tathata Golf. I'm only through day 15 and today I went to the driving range. My middle irons and wedges have never been the best part of my game, today I hit them better than I ever have. Shots were straight and on target, without having the many swing thoughts I usually go thru when working on my game. I have become a believer in this process, and feel for the first time I'm building a simple, repeatable swing. I sure hope in the days ahead we will be working on hitting a driver, fix this problem and I'll be dancing down the fairways.
- Randy N.


Just completed lessons 1 - 14 in 8 days and decided to go the range to hit a few balls. This was the first time going to range since starting program a week ago. I've never felt more confident at address. I hit all my irons consistently. Despite a few flub shots, I was able to reset, address the ball with balance and put all the key body movements into action (lift rib, glutes back and move my feet, knees, legs, hands, arms and shoulders in uniform from take away to finish). I'm looking forward to continue my Tathata training and become a better golfer.
- Jose B.


It has been a great experience for me. You have to go into this program with a open mind. You will unlearn all your bad habits and replace them with solid fundamentals. You will have confidence and power as you step into your golf shot. you will start to feel a inner happiness knowing you know something the others players don't know. Get the program and you will become a better golfer.
- Marty B.

Best advice I have ever gotten to improve my game

The best advice I received was to consider and go through the Tathata program. I was skeptical at first but after the mid way point (30 days) I realized that my game was becoming more consistent. My GHIN index has gone from a 9.5 to a present trending of 6.5 with the only difference being Tathata trained. It is a well done teaching program by Bryan Hepler and would recommend it to anyone who would like to enhance their enjoyment and performance of the game.
- Lew B.

Can't wait to come to the golf schools!

Building from the ground up with structured training and discipline has proven to me and those around me that this is the way to improve a golf game. The mental training and fundamental approach overcome the sense of loss you feel when a regular PGA lesson doesn't translate to the course. Thank you! I would love to come to your school and show you the before and afters!
- Jennifer K.

Extremely motivating and inspiring!

I finally gave Tathata Golf an honest chance. I was unsure at first how I could develop my golf swing just through video instruction. I did Lesson Days 1 and 2 and wondered why I waited so long to start! Not only is Bryan extremely motivating and inspiring, the movements are extremely helpful and practical. As a recent college graduate with a kinesiology degree, the first several movements made perfect sense from a biomechanical perspective. After finishing the first two lessons I went to the driving range to hit some balls. I paid extra attention to what I learned from Tathata, focusing specifically on set up, stance, posture, and a few other fundamentals of the swing. I ended up spending 2 hours on the range. I was hitting the ball straight, far, and most importantly, consistent. I was stunned that seemingly "basic" changes made such huge changes. I can't wait to continue progressing through the program!
- Adam O.

Life changing!

I have been training with Tathata golf for about 2 years now. This is absolutely the key to letting go of all fear, anxiety, and doubt on the golf course. I have seen the ball do things I never thought possible. My scores have lowered, I am hitting it farther, and most importantly I am having more fun on the golf course. If you are anything like I was lost in the golf instruction world and wanting to get better then this is for you!!!!
- Kyle W.

The natural basics

My friends decided that we would play golf all summer. My first day I shot a 104. I decided to look online to find hints and tips to improve. It was just chaos where instructors were contradicting each other. I finally stumbled on Tathata and it instantly spoke to me by just watching the movements in the trailer. After almost three months and only conpleting half the program, I broke 80 by shooting a 79. I would recommend this program to anyone that wants to play golf or even get an introduction to how the body moves with precision, speed, and power.
- Max Hadwin

Cannot wait to complete!

Simply wanted to let you know, I am really enjoying the 60-day training program & membership. I’m on day 30, and cannot wait to get through the next 30 days. The improvements are much, much better, and material really flows together nicely. Having started to really apply the material to my own golf swing, I am excited and blown away at the tremendous difference it has made, so that’s the true test. Very excited!!
- Brian T.

This program changed my game

This program has changed my game and to a small amount, my way of looking at life. Handicap has gone from a 12 to a 9 and I don’t ever think about mechanics. I just try to be an athlete again. I’m a believer and as a doc, we are not an easy group to make us believers in something like this. I do plan to come onsite to your school in neat future. But in meantime, if Bryan ever needs another testament from a skeptical student, I’m your guy. And I’m left handed. Have never til now been able to take a lesson from a right handed instructor. With Tathata, it does not matter. Thanks again, Tim Thomas L “Tim” Stover MD,MBA Retired CEO and President Akron General Health System
- Thomas L “Tim” Stover

Day 20

Played my first 18 holes since starting Tathata golf (Day 20) shot an 8 over on my 13.4 handicap. Same week played in a 9 hole twilight comp shot a 5 over, very next day played in another 9 hole twilight comp different course shot a 2 over...just saying "IT WORKS"!!! My only swing thought was to pressurize the golf club.
- David Holt

Different to anything else!

I rarely write reviews but i felt compelled to give praise to what has been some of the most effective golf instruction i've received to date. This is a fresh approach to golf instruction. I have struggled with many 'positions' in the golf swing for years now but tathata has helped me achieve a swing thats both aesthetically pleasing and much more functional. I like the way it takes you through the entire learning process without a club and takes you right through to using the swing on the course. As well as learning about the things that were holding me back i also picked up a lot of new information that i hadn't considered. Highly recommend going through the programme i'd be amazed if you didn't take something away! I still do the 60 day course now having completed it once and i still take something away from every training session.
- Joe Holt

Thank you for an amazing program!

I just wanted to thank everyone at Tathata Golf! My golf game was embarrasing to say the least. I never knew where I was going to hit the ball and if I did have a good shot I couldn't replicate it over and over. I was frustrated and almost quit the game but once I started the Tathata progam my game improved in such a profound way I am consistently shooting in the 80's where I was in the 100's before!
- Matt Singer


Just finished the 60 day program and, from my own experience in the past 2 months, the Tathata program is everything it has been promised to be. You need to be open, patient and willing to put in the work, but I can assure you it will pay off.
- John B.

Excellent experience!

I am a resident of Puerto Rico where golf is starting to have very strong acceptance. In January my doctors suggest me that I can play golf to entertain myself because of an early medical withdrawal, so I contracted the services of an instructor, my first golf experience was too mechanical, without foundation and without purpose. So let time pass and Tathata Golf appeared, I'm in the final part of chapter 1, the experiences have been excellent so far. The way in which each day the mind and body are incorporated into the game of golf has allowed me to develop solid fundamentals by experiencing conscious purpose of enjoyment in the game of golf and not a painful mechanical training I am very grateful and I hope that this experience will be strengthened in each future section. Thank you.
- Ernesto S.

I attribute all my success in golf to Tathata Golf

I'm 59 and have been playing golf for 35 years. In that time I have taken many lessons from many instructors. While I always thought I got something from these lessons my scores never really improved. Tathata has without doubt improved my game. I've played 21 years in a annual tournament that I've never come close to winning.. It's a three day event. This year I came in first on day one and third overall for the three days.. I attribute this to Tathata golf.
- Tony B.

Best golf in 20 years!

Now In my 60s I am finally able to play with the strength and confidence I had at 40. The Uneven Lies course is the best thing I have ever learned in golf!
- Mike Wheeler

Most Informative Instruction Ever!!!

I've spent a lot of money on golf instruction and equipment throughout my golfing life. The 60 day program gave me incredible confidence and a extensive knowledge about my swing. My scores have dropped as my distance and accuracy have increased. If I stray during a round, it is easy to make the necessary adjustments and return to the great contact. I definitely have the feel of looking forward to the next successful shot.
- Pat McGuire

Revolutionary instruction

I've been shooting around 100 consistently for years, and because of my struggles with being able to make any major improvements I was discouraged from playing more than a few times a year. After a friend's recommendation I began the 60-day program, and instantly realized what different approach this is to golf instruction. After just 16 days of the 60-day program I shot a 78 on a par 64 course. That was the best round that I've played in years! Maybe in my life! My interest in the game has completely been rekindled, and I can't wait to get back out on the course, and through the rest of the trainings.
- Brian L.

Absolutely Stunned!

Please tell Bryan that I was absolutely stunned by the results I had in the few round I played. I was transferring my weight better than I ever had. I had much better balance throughout the swing. I played at my home course of 25 years and was hitting my drives and irons a good 15 yards further than I have in years. I’ve always discounted the “rave reviews” and “improved distance” claims that sounds every new club and training gimmick. For the first time, I experienced the results for myself. Same course, same tees, same playing partner (my wife) - entirely different game. 175 yard par 3 that I was using a 5 utility club to reach, I was flying the green with my 6 iron. My wife and I just looked at each other. Thanks for all your assistance."
- Bob M.

Thank You For Making Golf Fun Again!!

Finished the 60 day course a few months back but a vertigo episode has kept me from playing. I can’t tell you how much I loved it and learned from it particularly the lessons on pressure and mental training. Bryan thank you for making golf fun again!!!”
- Richard K.