Tathata Golf was established for the benefit of all golfers, professionals, courses, organizations, associations and newcomers to the game.

The Grow The Game Through Better Golf Initiative

At Tathata Golf, we are driven by an unwavering passion to spark and support the sustained growth of the beautiful game of golf. With an aging demographic and entire generations of future golfers potentially being missed, we set out to provide the masses with a radically easier way to LEARN and EXCEL at the sport. It is our fundamental belief that people of all ages, body types and ability levels can play and experience the game at a RADICALLY HIGHER LEVEL than what we see today. Through better golf, participation and enjoyment in the game can skyrocket providing a foundation for the industry to thrive for years to come.

Tathata's Core Foundation

The foundation of Tathata training is built upon a true path of learning that offers everyone who comes, a place to train his or her own mind, body, and swing. The practices and principles of Tathata Golf bring together this training in a simple but revolutionary new way. Through this learning process you will move beyond all thought of right or wrong and once and for all be able to stand with strength and count on your own authentic greatness.

Tathata Curriculum

Tathata Golf is a true learning environment with multiple programs that build upon each other to create a path of reverence. Each step of our curriculum is designed to softly move you down the path of mastery. From our 60-Day Program to Graduate School and beyond, you will grow to know that Tathata Golf is designed to come alongside your strengths and support your truth in golf.

Start Your Training

Tathata, in its truest sense means "suchness," a sense of complete understanding and all knowing. Tathata Golf Training has been built around this principle.

The 3 Core areas within our training


The essence of Tathata and suchness is found deep within the simple understanding of knowing who you are and being trained in such a way that you always have a sense of where you are going and that your greatness is building.

The foundation of Tathata mental training rests on over 2,500 years of validated practices and principles from the martial art world used by some of the world’s greatest and strongest minds of all-time. In a place of their highest good, students train their spontaneous reactions and first instincts and begin separating less from their authentic greatness. Coming to understand and embody the energy of absolute strength, new and incredible outcomes become easier and faster than ever before as students come to understand and embody the true essence of Tathata.


One of the most essential elements of Tathata training is understanding how we move the body. To do this, we utilize very specific movements and routines. Movement truths and the structured path of learning in our training have strong ties to the martial art world.

It is here that we can take very detailed and complicated full swing, chipping and putting mechanics and teach them in a completely new way. Tathata training makes learning for the student easier and faster, allowing individuals of all different ages, body types and ability levels to move through a structured path of learning and training improving and retaining information at a rapid new pace never before seen in golf.


Combining the movements of the world’s greatest golfers and athletes along with timeless movement and striking truths from the martial art world, Tathata introduces a refreshing new way to look at and understand world-class golf motions.

Designed to validate and answer all questions about how the golf club moves with the body, Tathata offers students a way to quiet uncertainties, move beyond doubt and into a place where they can truly count on themselves. All movements throughout all motions fully support and complement each other in this thorough and complete path of study.

Story Behind Tathata Golf

A story spoken by Bryan Hepler, a man driven by a passion for golf. The story of how his journey seeking the ultimate golf instruction brought him to creating and sharing what is now called Tathata Golf.

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Thanks for the Support

"I am forever grateful that so many of you have come together to share your love, support, and wisdom with me in this lifetime." - Bryan Hepler

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